Award-Winning, One-Story Bungalow Conversion

After: This project won an award from the Arlington County Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board for its adherence to the home’s traditional style. A new second story is added to this bungalow. The concrete block on the new walls on the front steps were hand-crafted to match the existing block on the foundation.

Before: 1-story bungalow with recent 2-story addition built by The Cedar Run Group LLC, now waiting for a new 2nd story.

before 1906 N Lincoln St 1995

This is the original bungalow before any additions were constructed. The photo was taken by a Realtor for the sales brochure.

Architecture by:
Jon Hensley, AIA , Jon Hensley Architects
927 South Walter Reed Drive Suite 3
Arlington, VA 22204
703 685 7777

First phase Architecture by:
Steven Crawford, Project Manager
DWR Architects
703 408 5453

Construction by:
The Cedar Run Group LLC
703 969 2585

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